Play the Planet back into its natural balance!

Trollverse, play the planet back into its natural balance:

Dive into a world where myths battle technology in an RPG that goes beyond entertainment.

• Your in-game action contributes to real-world sustainability.

• Wield assets are backed by real-world assets (RWA's) enriching gameplay supporting environmental efforts and providing you with real-world revenues.

Dive into gameplay that merges thrilling action with real environmental impact.

Start your quest for a greener future now.

Dynamic Character Interactions & Lore

Discover a rich narrative woven with complex characters like Jernhånd and Blomsterhaug. Your journey in Trollverse is not just about battles; it's about forging alliances, unraveling secrets, and influencing the storyline with every decision you make in this lore-rich universe.

Immersive Gaming Experience At Trollverse

We understand that the heart of gaming lies in its fun and immersive nature. Our game is crafted to provide an exhilarating adventure, filled with engaging challenges and captivating storylines. Dive into a world where every action is part of a thrilling journey. And as you progress, each achievement subtly contributes to real-world environmental efforts, adding a meaningful layer to your gaming experience.

Strategic Gameplay with a Community Focus

Trollverse blends strategic turn-based RPG combat with a focus on team building and character progression across PC and mobile platforms. Our unique game design allows for player spending to benefit the entire community, avoiding PvP to maintain a friendly, inclusive atmosphere. Immerse yourself in diverse character classes and elements inspired by nature, where every character's unique skills contribute to a harmonious, cooperative gaming experience.

Solar Panel Integration in Trollverse

In Trollverse, tokenized solar panels bridge the gap between gaming and green energy. These in-game assets, linked to real solar projects, not only enrich gameplay but also empower players to support renewable energy and earn rewards. This unique approach blends entertainment with meaningful environmental contribution and personal gain.

Tree Planting Program in Trollverse

Our game uniquely intertwines tree-planting initiatives with in-game assets, giving them a dual effect. Players engaging with these assets contribute to real-world reforestation efforts while enjoying enhanced gameplay. This approach not only amplifies in-game fun but also translates into tangible real-world impact, as players earn carbon credits with real monetary value, thereby actively participating in global environmental restoration.



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