The Team behind Trollverse

Bart Veldkamp
CEO / Founder

Bart is the founder of Trollverse. As an Olympic gold champion and entrepreneur, he knows how to make a team achieve extraordinary results.

Torben Poguntke
Co-Founder / Head Blockchain Dev

Torben is co-founder, blockchain developer, and electrical engineer. Lead developer with World Mobile and has a proven track as technical entrepreneur.

Head Game Designer

JC is game designer, 15+ years, EA and Ubisoft alum; expertise in in-game monetization, virtual economies, Ghost Recon, Far Cry, FIFA. Specializes in enjoyable, profitable games.

Game Development UI/UX

Åke is software and game developer, UI/UX specialist. Has been developing games and full-stack applications over the last 15 years.

Lou Lambert

A seasoned voice actor with over 25 years of experience, excels in delivering versatile, genuine, and award-winning vocal performances for TV, radio, cinema, documentaries and games. Lou is decorated with dozens golden and silver awards in his field.

The Impacters
"We design positive impact"

Dutch branding agency “The Impacters” is a collective. A group of independent and motivated professionals aiming for projects that will make a difference.

- Jeff van Dijk, Founder

Grendel Games
"We are a serious games company"

Our games make the world a better place” Dutch game company, 15+ years in the making. Grendel Games will use its experienced team to build Trollverse into a successful game.

- Tim Laning, CEO

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