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Embark on a journey through Trollverse, a realm where ancient folklore and present-day realities collide. In this captivating saga, the Trolls, once guardians of nature, now face a new adversary: AI creations by Erik Kongesen. These AI entities symbolize the destructive tendencies of modern human behavior, particularly our impact on the climate. This tale is not just a story of mythical beings; it's a reflection of our current environmental challenges, inviting you to explore a world where the consequences of human actions are mirrored in a battle for nature's restoration

Trollverse Lore:

Once the world was paradise. Green with leaves, trees, bugs and even Trolls! The trolls who cared for the forests, who lived in peace with one another and all of the world's screatures. But the bounty of the earth was too much to resist for some...One day, the humans came and took that paradise for themselves.

They robbed the trolls of their homes and churned the earth for their own gain. Many thought the troll shad gone extinct, but the trolls survived, living in the shadows, and caring for the earth in secret until it all became too much. Now the time has come for the trolls to leave the shadows and fight for what is rightfully theirs.

Together with their brethren, they will fight and build together to restore the world to what it once was! The Trollverse is an exploratory world populated with colorful NPC's that celebrates thebeauty of nature and looks critically at the use of AI, technology, and colonialism in a playful rewarding way.

Jernhånd takes his role as chief of the Fjelltrolls very seriously. Representing the mos tancient and powerful of the troll tribes, Jernhånd is hardened and stern, but has a nimmense soft side for the earth and forest. Outsiders and humans might find him gruff, but the trolls know that deep down he is softhearted and kind. Jernhånd calls his tribe a family, and whether they are blood or not, he treats every troll like one of his own children. He is fatherly, and not terribly trusting.

Blomsterhaug follows in her uncle Jernhånd's footsteps, and is determined to save the forest at any cost. Perky and upbeat, Blomsterhaug has a determined attitude and never gives up! She is prone to crushes however, sometimes even on humans, which can sometimes cloud her good judgment. Blomsterhaug is talented with a bow an darrow, and every animal in the forest is her friend!

Kaptein Hammerhånd knows the waters of the Trollverse better than anyone. When he lost his hand the crew replaced it with a hammer forged from the iron of the Trollverse. Kptein Hammerhånd is a natural leader, and is always ready for battle, in tune with nature, and knows how to have a good time.

Klok is a brilliant troll who never successfully found his tribe. He is scientifically minded, and unlike his fellow trolls mused that the forest was a resource that was meant to beused, not necessarily just cultivated and cared for. He would have started his own tribe, but could not find other trolls who shared his thinking or interests. When the humans held a hand out to Klok he did not hesitate to take it. Klok knew if he did not, he would never be truly accepted and one day his ideas and mechanical designs would die with him.

Erik Kongesen was labeled a mad man, who led a colony of humans to the Trollvers eand built up a city according to his grand design at the cost of the Trollverse's lush forest. Fashioned like a king, and functioning like a CEO he weaponized his brilliant daughter, Viktoria's mind to ensure his legacy would never die...

Secrets to Unravel..

Where the Trolls once dwelled, metal people, the Falksemen, now roam. Not quite man, and not quite machine, these sinister experiments are more than meets the eye. The earliest falksemen used the minds of the original human settlers to drive them, but these days their intelligence is entirely artificial and their morality is next
to none.

To be continued....

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